Follow our 4-Week Anti-Anxiety Workout Plan to manage anxiety and depression, strengthen your muscles and your mind & body to balance your mood.

What’s included?

  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Equipment required either 2 x dumbbells or 2 x 500 ml filled plastic water bottles
  • 3 x Total Body workouts per week
  • Each workout is 25 minutes long
  • Contains step by step video demonstrations for each exercise
  • Focused on strength using resistance to balance our stress hormone Cortisol
Anti-anxiety Workout Plan

If you like building muscle and strength you will love this plan


How do I access the plan?

Upon purchase, you will be emailed the plan immediately.

What is Resistance Training?

Resitance training is often referred to as weight training, it increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against a weight or force. Scientists believe resistance training reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression when carried out 3 times per week.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone produced in our body in reaction to stress. It is extremely important for a healthy mind and body however too much if it can leave us feeling off-balance, stressed and depressed. This plan is designed to balance our stress hormones using resistance training.

What support will I receive whilst on the plan?

You will have access to our team of support coaches via email if you have questions about the plan, need help with the exercises or need some friendly advice and support.

If I purchase the plan do I have to start now?

You can start the plan at any time that suits you. Support will be available for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Any more questions?

“I can’t thank Claire enough for keeping me going through lockdown. I love the 25 minute livestreams that I can fit around my day. They are fun and motivating, making me feel on top of the world when I’ve finished the workout. I’m ready to face the day with a smile on my face!”
- Lisa

“Claire is always really encouraging, motivating and her emphasis on exercise to support mental wellbeing is really refreshing! I have never had that feeling of failure when working out with Claire because she offers different levels of exercises which means there is always an option for anyone. I can’t recommend Claire enough!”
- Emily

“I could see how quickly I became stronger, more energetic and at peace with my mind following Claire’s exercises for 20- 25 minutes that fit with my busy schedule. Thanks to Claire and her energy and passion, I follow a normal routine in these uncertain times.”
- Encarni