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Exercise relieves the symptoms of anxiety & depression by stimulating the release of feel-good brain chemicals. Move your body to re-balance your thinking mind.

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Join live daily online fitness classes for additional motivation. Every class is focused on releasing the right balance of brain chemicals to boost health, happiness and productivity.

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Our plans are designed to help you stay healthy in mind and body no matter what your fitness level.  Workout anytime, anywhere, no fancy kit or space needed.

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Claire Cole

What is Metcon and how can it help your January fitness?

Metabolic Conditioning or Metcon for short is by far one of the most misunderstood training techniques.

Claire Cole

5 Reasons Why Fitness and Mental Health Go Hand in Hand

Working out isn’t just great for the body, but also your mental well-being. Here’s my rundown of the top reasons why.

Claire Cole

Stress and exercise: How stop OD-ing on cortisol

When stress affects the brain, the body feels the pain. Stress is the body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure.